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Happy Clients


Yoga Nidra has helped provide a balance to my psyche. The mundane pressures of life can be overwhelming.

Yoga Nidra provides the balance one seeks." - Josh B.


"I have benefitted from many of Richard Brenner's restorative Yoga Nidra sessions. His soothing voice along with his guided meditations are the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety. I highly recommend his sessions!"  - Yumi I.


Yoga Nidra helps my body, my mind and my soul relax, calm down and just be the real me. I go into my mind’s eye and shut down everything. It helps my breathing and sets my body. It’s like a chiropractic adjustment. With the pandemic raging, and fear rising, it reminds me to be mindful.Frannie S


"Yoga Nidra sessions with Rich are wonderfully cathartic and spiritually restorative for me.  In my daily meditation, I now hear his voice come into my thoughts; this fills me with gratitude and I love the feeling of serenity." - Bret P.


"As part of WITI’s Wellness Services, Richard Brenner’s Yoga Nidra sessions have been a tremendous bonus to our members. The guided relaxation gives them a break from their high stress jobs and prepares them for the rest of

their work week." - Dave L.


"Richard Brenner’s Yoga Nidra sessions are wonderful. He is caring and attentive and his voice is warm and soothing. He shares poetry and poignant quotes from inspirational authors which tie in with the concepts and ideas infused within each Yoga Nidra session. I always feel more grounded and better prepared to face the challenges of the day after my sessions with Richard. Highly recommended!" - Christina A.


“I love Rich Brenner’s guided meditations! His wonderful soothing voice and positive message has helped bring peace and calm to my days.” - Lauren S.


"I’ve traveled many spiritual paths, and what’s really been a surprising new dimension for me in these strange and difficult times is my regular practice of Yoga Nidra with Richard Brenner, through his guided meditation. Rich is a gentle source of calm that I’ve come to rely on during these chaotic days, and I highly recommend you give Rich Brenner Yoga Nidra a try. You won’t be disappointed." - Bob W.


"Working with Richard has transformed my life. His guided Yoga Nidra meditations are calming, centering and uplifting. In an ever-changing world, this practice is necessary for both the mind and body. Plus, his voice is soothing magic! " - Sarah A.

"In a world of chaos and stress, I am grateful for the healing and calm that Richard Brenner offers in his

practice of Yoga Nidra." - Jamie A.

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