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RICHARD BRENNER, Yoga Nidra Facilitator

My name is Richard Brenner. I’m a Yoga Nidra practitioner and founder of Rich’s Yoga Nidra for Everyone.

My goal is to make a Yoga Nidra relaxation practice accessible to everyone, including those who have found it difficult to learn other types of relaxation techniques.

I’ve helped over 1500 clients achieve mental clarity, ease their anxiety, sleep better, improve job performance, and simply enjoy life.

My clients are always excited by the journey, and I would love to guide you through your journey as well. 
Everyone deserves to feel better.


I look forward to meeting you.



Rich Brenner began his journey into the healing arts, studying Restorative Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Energy and Vibrational therapies before settling on the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra as his specialty. 


Rich has contributed to people’s health and happiness for over 40 years through award-winning businesses including Hugo’s Restaurants and Hugo’s Tacos with health-conscious cuisine that nourishes people’s bodies; and the bohemian incubator Highland Grounds Coffeehouse that nourished people’s minds and imaginations. He brings that same compassion and love to help people relax using Yoga Nidra.


His clients include entrepreneurs, personal trainers, artists, writers, directors, therapists, healthcare professionals, teachers, and musicians.

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